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PetaMem Logo Description

The PetaMem Logo is a stylized Turing Machine containing lots of metainformation or - if you prefer that nomenclature - symbolism:

The Turing Machine

A Turing machine is a very simple machine, but, logically speaking, has all the power of any digital computer. It may be described as follows: A Turing machine processes an infinite tape. This tape is divided into elements, any element of which may contain a symbol from a finite alphabet, with the restriction that there can be only finitely many non-blank elements on the tape. At any time, the Turing machine has a read/write head positioned at some element on the tape.

Alan Turing argued that his formalism was sufficiently general to encompass anything that a human being could do when carrying out a definite method.

The "Tape"

The black circles in the logo represent the "tape elements" of such a Turing machine. Here, however, they represent more than that. They are the "Memes" - the mind units - our systems are working with. The blue triangle is the read/write head that is working with these Memes. The tape itself is infinite showing the "enormous amount" of mind units the system has to handle. It also is not simply linear but a projection of a helix which should symbolize the analogy between Memes and Genes.

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