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PetaMem is a company that is predominantly concerned with the technologies of artificial intelligence, in particular, natural language processing. The name is derived from the prefix Peta - indicating a 10e15 order of magnitude - and the word Mem. "Mem" is the suggested word by cognitive scientists as the counterpart of "Gen", and is postulated to be the carrier of mental or cultural information. Memes are not bound to physical entities.

So you could simply translate the name of the company to
"A thousand trillion mental units".

The products of our company are systems that can understand natural speech and communicate accordingly. Thus, applications such as machine translation on a semantic level, as well as text summarization and intelligent conversational systems, become possible. PetaMem creates machine natural language understanding.

Company History

  • September 2008: A semantic Inference Engine using PetaMem NLP/NLU-Technologies reaches production status. This product becomes part of the PetaMem Language Server.

  • September 2007: The ontology knowledge database of the PetaMem Language Server contains over 45 milion Mind Units.

  • February 2007: PetaMem celebrates its 5th anniversary. The PetaMem Language Server Discourse Engine - technological foundation for chatbots - reaches production status.

  • September 2006: The (processed - not raw) PetaMem corpora dataset exceeds 4 terabyte, with a growth rate of over 10GB a day.

  • January 2006: Thorought optimizations of internal data structures allow for lowering memory requirements by a factor of eight, enabling the PetaMem Language Server to run on regular modern SMP PC-hardware for serving small to medium departments.

  • October 2005: The PetaMem corpora dataset exceeds 1 terabyte.

  • May 2005: availability of bi-directional morphological parsers and generators with unique technology allowing for context-free operation and modification/extension at runtime

  • March 2005: betatest of the B2C/B2B translation platform as part of the NLP Portal. The system has about 18 milion Mind Units at this time.

  • October 2004: Relaunch of the greatly extended NLP Portals. The system has about 13 milion Mind Units at this time.

  • March 2004: Happy 1st Birthday to our german subsidiary.

  • July 2003: Delivery of the first ALCC-based clustering application to a well-known corporation in the semiconductor industry.

  • In January 2003 the founding of PetaMem GmbH (Germany) was completed. The main focus of this enterprise is the sales and support of PetaMem products.

  • In September 2002 there was a first presentation of the system at the YAPC Coference in Munich. The system has about 2 milion Mind Units at this time.

  • April to August 2002 the activity was mainly hirings, heavy research and development activity on the main product, as well as the setting up of company operations.

  • PetaMem was founded in February 2002 and began its operations in March of the same year.

  • The beginnings of the core product of the company, a Natural Language Understanding System, reach to the year 1996. It was at this time, that first research took place and the initial proof-of-concept implementations were done.

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