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Our german subsidiary, PetaMem GmbH celebrates its 10th anniversary

Fuerth, 2012-03-01

PetaMem GmbH, the german subsidiary of the PetaMem Group, celebrates its 10th anniversary today. Founded just one year after the PetaMem czech subsidiary, its main focus has been on professional services and support around PetaMem products.

Thanks to the level of customer support, today our systems are used worldwide by top-profile corporations as well as governmental institutions.

In the last 10 years our german subsidiary completed many challenging projects and is currently supporting some of the worlds largest HLT installations with millions of users. Our thanks go to our excellent team members who helped with their enthusiasm and competence to make all these projects a success and we look forward to the next decade.

About PetaMem:

PetaMem (, is an international supplier of advanced AI solutions in the field of natural language processing and natural language understanding. The company was founded march 2002 and has specialized in the development of systems that can both improve the quality and rationalize the handling of increasing quantities of correspondence data in enterprises.
Beyond this, the company offers complex services in this field to help enterprises with the processing of already existing large volume natural-language data, thus to make it usable for further processing within the enterprise.

The corporation maintains subsidiaries in Germany and in the Czech Republic and offers its products and services within a worldwide network of qualified partners.

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