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Corpus Linguistics conference in Lancaster

Prague/Fuerth, 2013-07-12

PetaMem will be promoting its PetaMem Scripting Environment (PMSE) at the CL 2013 in Lancaster on 22nd to 26th July 2013, which is organized by Lancaster University.

One of the main goals of this conference is to push the field of corpus linguistics forwards by bringing users, developers and researchers together. Our colleagues, Jiri Macha and Jiri Vaclavik will demonstrate one of the PMSE applications: clustering-based text categorization.

The event was arranged in a cooperation with the Institute of Czech National Corpus.

PMSE is a generic toolset and middleware for processing corpora and performing all standard - and even non-standard - statistical processing tasks. Focus has been laid on generic, comprehensive and versatile functionality to enable PMSE to act as a drop-in replacement for the vast plethora of similar tools in use by universities and research organizations today. These tools are often ad-hoc, self-made, incompatible and restricted.

PMSE was designed from scratch to cover many topics missing in the tools available today. Data interchange, N-Gram generic computations (e.g. MI-Score between 5-grams) and more than 20 distinct distance measures to name a few.

PMSE licensing will allow its use institution-wide for a very modest licensing fee without the hassle of keeping numbers of concurrent or named users in mind and comes also with a free update service.

About PetaMem:

PetaMem (, is an international supplier of advanced AI solutions in the field of natural language processing and natural language understanding. The company was founded march 2002 and has specialized in the development of systems that can both improve the quality and rationalize the handling of increasing quantities of correspondence data in enterprises.
Beyond this, the company offers complex services in this field to help enterprises with the processing of already existing large volume natural-language data, thus to make it usable for further processing within the enterprise.

The corporation maintains subsidiaries in Germany and in the Czech Republic and offers its products and services within a worldwide network of qualified partners.

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