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Natural language processing has impact on a wide range of applications. Todays applications provide only helping tools for humans that have to provide their natural language capabilities themselves. PetaMem can take your CRM system a step higher by integrating real NLP and NLU capabilities into your system.

You know what immense ressources are needed for a Globalization of your products. But it is not only the cost of translating manuals or software. Often logistical issues put constraints to do so in a timely manner. Solutions offered by PetaMem lower globalization costs and shorten the time-to-market of your products.

If you need to harness and utilize the huge amounts of natural language data your company has acquired over the past years, you probably tried out one or more decision support systems and their data mining methods. Not only are PetaMems artificial Data Agents capable to mine your data with unprecedented accuracy, because of their procedural and adaptive methods - paired with their natural language understanding capabilities, you will also see qualitative leap in the delivered results.

PetaMem wants its technology to be deployed in sub-enterprise business also. In order to achieve this, a cost-effective Hardware alternative to run our NLP systems on is provided. Powerfull Linux-driven servers and clusters allow for ROI of 18 to 24 months.

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