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PetaMem can enhance Telco applications to generate more revenue and satisfied customers. A basic application is the deployment of tailored dialogue agents for automated SMS/MMS communication.

The systems unique natural language capabilities ensure a quality of discourse, that will give customers not only the illusion of a discussion partner, the system is indeed able to recognize, adapt and understand intentions of users.

Telco companies may increase their own support and service standards by providing automated NLP systems for their clients. By providing intuitive natural language interfaces the customer is no longer needed to cope with common menu structures.


Software localization and documentation translation takes up a major part in the software development cycle. A NLP system provided by PetaMem can lower the cost and raise the quality of output for this task.

As NLP-Modules for custom software, these systems finally enable natural language interaction with users. No more SQL statements or some GUI wrappers for these for nontechnical users. Imagine a understandable error message where the user may ask for more details to be explained to him. All by means of natural language.

Finance & Admin

Human ressources, information systems, support technicians and (virtual) receptionists - all these areas/positions need natural language capabilities. Either for analyzing instructions given to them or generating natural language output for reports. Take the workload from your accountants of answering specific questions about simple transactions. It is boring for them and machines can do faster, cheaper and better. An automated system can also keep better track of access permissions to the data reported.

The above mentioned functionality is well suited for lowering costs in the Finance & Admin sector and to speed up some processes significantly. But a real qualitative leap can be achieved by centralizing these functions in a multilanguage NLP environment. Your support technician has all the knowledge to help users with their problems. But even in a multinational company with consistent IT-infrastructure there is the bottleneck of language competence. Even more so, if you'd like to outsource your services into another country. Also when recruiting technical staff language constraints dissapear.


Powerful dialogue and informational systems in next generations' cars is the primary target of our automotive applications. Together with partners that provide speech-to-text and text-to speech interfaces we can offer embedded versions of our NLP systems.

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