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Supported Languages

Currently the system is supporting 17 languages. All languages support basic functionalities such as language recognition. Further functionality is available in some languages only. The following table gives a short overview of the feature capabilities of the languages supported. Valid system configurations therefore need at least one language with all features supported.

Language Vocabulary Features
CS (Czech) 451180       B,T(de,en,fr,hu,nl,pt,sv)
DA (Danish) 312722 B
DE (German) 702707 B,S,T(cs,en,fr,hu,nl,pt,sv)
EN (English) 155544 B,S,T(cs,de,fr,hu,nl,pt,sv)
ES (Spanish) 85846 B
FI (Finnish) 287368 B
FR (French) 137214 B,T(cs,de,en,hu,nl,pt,sv)
HR (Croatian) 28054 B
HU (Hungarian) 17655 B,T(cs,de,en,fr,nl,pt,sv)
IT (Italian) 62342 B
LA (Latin) 76990 B
NL (Dutch) 178418 B,T(cs,de,en,fr,hu,pl,sv)
NO (Norwegian) 61831 B
PL (Polish) 109852 B
PT (Portugese) 6654 B
SV (Swedish) 12118 B,T(cs,de,en,fr,hu,nl,pt)
TR (Turkisch) 25854 B


B: Base functionality
S: Deep semantic information
T(x): Translation information for languages x

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