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Available Ontologies

Specific ontologies equip our NLP systems, in addition to their generic language competence, with expert knowledge in certain fields. Ontologies from the areas of technical support and pre-sales are available.

More ontologies such as appointment planning, dispatching and complaint management are being prepared.

Technical Support

This module has knowledge about the typical structure of questions and the resulting assistance as it occurs in common level-1 and level-2 support. Of course the system has adaptive mechanisms to be trained on the customers' side for specifics of the products and services that are to be supported, culminating in system-immanent expert knowledge.

The characteristics of the iteration through the decision tree is depending on the Interface chosen.


The whole knowledge about the company products and acording customer target groups can enter into the pre-sales module. The system tries to determine autonomously the optimal product for the customer by asking structured questions and offers then the products that fit.

The advantage over conventional menu-based systems is the natural communication, consulting-characteristics and finally an objective, thus criteria-consistent, product selection for the customer, which in turn leads to a better customer satisfaction and binding.

Furthermore, the pre-sales module can transfer customer data that were gained this way in any format to the company CRM system. It also takes care of an automatic readressing of the customer in the case of changes in the product palette or in cases of call back.

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