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Natural Language Competence of our Systems

NLP - Natural Language Processing and NLU Natural Language Understanding are the central terms in the area of computational linguistics and artificial intelligence.

NLP sums up all methods covering the pure processing of language by means of algorithmic, statistic and heuristic means. NLU indicates the real understanding of a text that is formulated in some natural language.

Although remarkable advances have been made in this field, artificial language competence, comparable to those of humans, has been unreachable up to now. The core competence of PetaMem is NLP and NLU. Our systems access an enormous pool of language data and use a balanced mix of statistical and rule-based methods. The criteria for use of technologies is their practicality in everyday business and not conformance with a specific doctrine.

In the section Basic Features we present the basic features and technical data of our systems and in the section Complex Features their "higher order functionality".

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